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Great Howl is an indie rock band based in Austin, Texas led by multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Matt Mossman. Combining the quiet ferocity of bands like Low and Mount Eerie with the expansive scale of Neutral Milk Hotel and Arcade Fire, Great Howl’s music blends influences of raucous indie rock and melancholic indie folk with the elegance of chamber pop to craft songs that are in one moment dreamy and lulling and the next roaring and thunderous. 


Their debut EP, Meet Your Maker was released on February 2, 2024.

Great Howl's second single, "Violent Wind" was named KUTX's "Song of the Day."

Praise for "Meet Your Maker"

"Great Howl specialize in capturing a special fusion of melancholy and passionate lyrics that touch strongly upon the unsettling truths of contemporary human existence. “Meet Your Maker” does this and more, packing one hell of a punch."

- John Michie, Up To Hear Music

"A chamber-rock masterpiece characterized by potent vocals, anthemic quality, intricate arrangements, and an awe-inspiring crescendo."
- Last Day Deaf

"Reminds me of peak Arcade Fire – every second of the way we had no idea what was coming next."

- mp3Hugger

Great Howl 2
Great Howl live
Great Howl live
Great Howl live


Great Howl is comprised of Matt Mossman (vocals/guitar/autoharp/trombone), Kate Heron (vocals/keys), Pat Miller (guitar/synthesizer), Spencer Carter (vocals/bass), Robbie Preliasco (drums), Jenni Wieland (french horn), Thom Proctor (tenor saxophone), and Devon Donohue-Bergeler (flute/vocals/percussion). Great Howl has received praise for their rich sound, imaginative lyrics, sophisticated arrangements, and passionate live performances. Since the group formed in late 2022, they’ve performed on stages across the Austin area, including on the main stage at the 45th annual Pecan Street Festival in downtown Austin in September 2023.

Great Howl typically performs as an eight-piece group, pairing traditional rock instrumentation (electric guitar, keyboards, drums) with a small orchestra of horns and spacey synthesizers. Though vocal duties are primarily carried by singer/guitarist Matt Mossman and keyboardist Kate Heron, each member of the group lends their voice to create lush, complex harmonies that harken back to early folk and spiritual music.  

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